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The White Indians of Nivaria

"They were virtuous, honest and brave, and the finest qualities of humanity were found united in them; to wit, magnanimity, skill, courage, athletic powers, strength of soul and of body, pride of character, nobleness of demeanor, a smiling physiognomy, an intelligent mind and patriotic devotedness"

With this passage an alert Canary Island poet named Antonio Viana (1604) recorded his sentiments of the Guanche Indians, the natives of Tenerife island who were an indigenous band of Stone-Age troglodytes that also practiced mummification, constructed ceremonial pyramids and were custodians of an ancient spiritual legacy from the distant memories European pre-history.

An improbable but true story of white natives living in the wilds of 7 rocky volcanic African islands in a post-Neolithic eden (later known as the Canaries) for several thousand years, this was one of Western Man's most western outposts of antiquity.

A concise ethnographic study of this subtropical island kingdom and the white Indians who lived there prior to the Spanish invasion in the 15th century, details of this indigenous white man's world include 13 chapters of hard anthropological science relative to Guanche culture, language, burial, cosmology and origins....and 1 chapter dealing with the Canary Islands as a likely stepping-stone to America by pre-Columbian mariners such as the Phoenicians and Sumerians. A missing link to a pre-historic past and a mysterious connection into a spiritual lineage somewhere beyond the western edge of your dreams on some tropical Atlantic island paradise inhabited by the children of your ancestors.

With an increasing interest in primitivism and earth religions many of us find that the selection of available literature on this subject nearly always excludes books about light-skinned natives, not only because there are so few of them, but mostly because their Cro-Magnon cousins (European colonists) have supposedly caused most of the world's problems. The very notion that some Europeans could have had a long history of tropical island habitation, only ending just a few hundred years ago, is always relegated to the category of fiction. This web site and book are dedicated to dispelling the misinformation about this subject in the hope that the Guanches can assume their rightful place in Western history as the last Stone-Age white culture on earth, something that needs be be taught to children in schools all over the world.

Paperback, new- 6"x9" 110 pages, 37 color images 38 b&w images, index, bibliography. $15.00
by  Gordon Kennedy, Nivaria Press, 2010  ISBN # 978-0-9668898-1-9
New copies can  be purchased through


The White Indians of Nivaria Part 1- (Youtube) by Gordon Kennedy

The White Indians of Nivaria Part 2- (Youtube) by Gordon Kennedy


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